Welcome to the official website of BLACK ROSE SOCIETY – Proud protectorate of House Sauromatos.

BLACK ROSE SOCIETY is a young organization of Vampyres dedicated to education, outreach, international community networking and providing opportunities to gain personal experience about Vampyre Culture and its traditional structures such as Vampyre Houses and Vampyre Covens.

BLACK ROSE SOCIETY enables interested self-identified vampyres and black swans to get to know and work together with its overseeing board and its sponsor in House Sauromatos in an unconstrained and non-obligatory environment.

Sigil of House Sauromatos


BLACK ROSE SOCIETY was founded on the initiative of House Sauromatos in November 2017 as its first protectorate-partner.
Essentially independent of its patron in House Sauromatos,
BLACK ROSE SOCIETY has been taking on many of the functions marking a traditional outer court to a vampyric household:
Providing a safe haven to gather, to mingle, to exchange news and information, to enjoy hospitality, to befriend, to learn on a basis of personal knowing.

In this, BLACK ROSE SOCIETY is explicitly open to all interested parties who might be sympathetic to us, both vampyres and black swans, whether they seek closer affiliation with our sponsor in House Sauromatos or not, and indeed, whether they are familiar with the customs of vampyre society or still seek to learn more.

Since 2019, BLACK ROSE SOCIETY has promoted and supported the global vampire subculture through weekly moderated discussions in two languages and regular regional meetings.
Our internationally oriented community organization offers vampires and black swans an uncomplicated and well-maintained network to exchange ideas with other members from Europe and abroad using the third-party platform Discord.


BLACK ROSE SOCIETY is also hosting or otherwise supports different kinds of local events, currently concentrating on German-speaking regions. We encourage and support our members in their projects to build up and strengthen regional vampyric structures.


BLACK ROSE SOCIETY is organized via the third-party platform Discord. BLACK ROSE SOCIETY is hosting regular moderated discussions, held in both English and German, alternating weekly.

BLACK ROSE SOCIETY is internationally-minded and our dedicated Discord server reflects this fact. Except where otherwise stated English is the preferred language used on our Discord server. Our bilingual community provides dedicated German language areas for our membership based in German-speaking European countries.

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BLACK ROSE SOCIETY’s overseeing board, referred to as the Directorate, and their Moderators reserve the right to use their own discretion in maintaining a respectful atmosphere on our server and specifically making sure our server adheres to Discord’s guidelines. Moderator actions will not be discussed or explained.

By using BLACK ROSE SOCIETY you agree to our rules, guidelines and policies.

Take Your Time

Introduce Yourselves

Get Active

Connect And Network

Join Your Peers

Step 1

Take your time!

Before you do anything else, read the #welcome -section and this guide, and carefully review our #rules and #guidelines.
It’s a good idea to take a look at the many channels you already have access to.
In #what-we-are-about, you will find an introductory overview of the central topics and avenues of exploration BLACK ROSE SOCIETY focuses on, namely Vampyre Identity and Vampyre Culture, as well as more general information on what we are about and whether our community is a good fit for you.
More information is available via our website.
Our #links -section features some excellent external resources on Vampyre Identity and Vampyre Culture. Use them for your own benefit.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to refer to the #support -channel.
Before you are accepted as a full member you already have access to our #lobby where you can have an initial friendly chat with the membership of BLACK ROSE SOCIETY.
Our #navigation might prove to be helpful to find your way around our server.

Step 2

Introduce yourselves!

Introduce yourselves! If you like what BLACK ROSE SOCIETY might offer you, and think about frequenting our Community Server on a regular basis, you start by introducing yourselves to our members.
An introduction is required to make yourselves eligible for member-status which comes with additional access and privileges, and will grant you access to our Community Server proper.
We highly value your detailed introductions. However, we don’t ask you to disclose information you are not comfortable sharing.

Some relevant points we are interested in:

What name do you go by?
Where are you from?
How did you find us?
Do you identify as Vampyric? For how long?
Are you or have you been part of any community or member of a House/Clan/Coven/Family/equivalent group?
What are you looking for in a community like ours?
Have you been here before?
Do you have questions?

Make your introduction in our #introduction -section.

Status in BLACK ROSE SOCIETY is based on trust. To be given full member-status is a gesture of trust from the Directorate towards a member. It means we trust you to be who you say you are and we trust you to bear no ill intent towards BLACK ROSE SOCIETY and its members.

Step 3

Get active!

We highly value active membership.
One of the best ways to get started is to participate in our weekly moderated discussions in English or German, held on Sundays starting at 7pm UTC/GMT.
Check #discussions for the topics scheduled for coming weeks. Should any personal questions or problems concerning any of our topics come up, please refer to the #support -section.
Our many experienced members will surely help you out or point you in the right direction.

Step 4

Connect and Network!

Get to know other vampire-identified people from around the world, and possibly from your region.
A considerable part of BLACK ROSE SOCIETY’s focus is on our Events and facilitating the connection between our members based on personal knowing.
Depending on membership activity in a given region, we offer to list postings of our members seeking to organize private meetups in their regions.
You may contact members on the Directorate to add your own posting to the current list, for example, to support you with finding donors/bloodgivers (or vampyres/bloodtakers respectively) or just to find other friendly people near you.
When you are ready to organize private meetups in your region using our network, please let us know.
You can contact the Directorate directly on discord or via email:

Be advised that due to the current global health crisis all BLACK ROSE SOCIETY Events and private meetups are on hold for the foreseeable future.

Step 5

Join Your Peers!

Apply to become a Trusted Member of BLACK ROSE SOCIETY.
Trusted Members are members who have been verified by their peers at the conclusion of a careful verification-process.
It means your peers trust you as a fellow member of Vampyre Society, where trust in each other must be held above all.
The status as Trusted Member of BLACK ROSE SOCIETY does not come with additional privileges beyond access to a restricted member area.
Likewise there are no additional duties associated with trusted member-status.

Applications must be sent via email to with a sound email subject such as ‘Application for verification’, or ‘Verification’.
Your email should contain a detailed introduction and an outline of your personal journey concerning the topics of Vampyre Identity and Vampyre Culture with the aim of helping us understand who you are as a person and as a member of Vampyre Society.
Should the applicant wish to put their name forward towards eventually joining a House, Clan, Coven, Family or equivalent group, they will be asked to specify their motivation.
After receiving your application, its contents will be discussed with all Trusted Members of BLACK ROSE SOCIETY.
You may be assigned a personal tutor, who will serve as a contact person for you during the verification-process.
Should you have any questions concerning Vampyre Identity and Vampyre Culture, it is suggested you talk to your tutor.
Your tutor is to provide you with relevant reading material to familiarize yourselves with important terms and concepts of Vampyre Society.
Eventually, applicants will be asked to meet face to face with one or several of BLACK ROSE SOCIETY’s Trusted Members.
During the meeting, you will be interviewed about your personal involvement in Vampyre Identity and Vampyre Culture. A report on your interview will be shared and discussed with all trusted members of BLACK ROSE SOCIETY.
Concluding, your status as a Trusted Members will then be decided on by simple majority vote of your peers.



Sigil of Black Rose Society


Welcome to the official community website of Black Rose Society – Proud protectorate of House Sauromatos. Black Rose Society is a Modern Living Vampyre Community Organization. Featuring diverse content curated by a community of Real Vampires and Black Swans, Information about Sanguinarian oriented Vampirism and Vampyre Culture and its traditional structures such as Vampyre Houses and Vampyre Covens.