Some seriously helpful and some not-so-serious tips to help you attract your vampire, playing on clichés.

1. Don’t wear too much body glitter. Sparkling in the light can be offensive to some vampires.

2. Don’t be afraid to get a little freaky and show your wild side!

While being culturally distinct, the Vampire subculture has strong historical ties with both the Gothic alternative subculture and the BDSM alternative lifestyle and is home to many kinds of people with their own individual kinks. This is an opportunity for you to finally dress up like you always wanted to and to explore that secret dark side of yours! 

3. You want to accentuate your neck and shoulders.

The more exposed your neck is, the more likely someone will want to sink their fangs into it. You can also wear a choker to draw attention to your neck.

4. You can show your sympathy for vampires by wearing a vampire ankh.

The bladed ankh variant of the ancient Egyptian symbol associated with immortality is an international symbol recognized by many vampires as part of the vampire subculture. Groups of vampires use individualized forms of the ankh as their insignia, as such, it often can be found on books, documents and websites and many vampires choose to wear it as an identifying signet in the form of a pendant.

5. Compliment their big, very scary fangs and crazy contact lenses. You know you want to!

Not all vampires cultivate a typical vampire-like appearance, however. Many prefer a more subtle and understated style. It’s quite possible for you to appear more vampire-like than your vampire. In fact, you can probably put on your best smile and ask your vampire how they like your pair of fangs!
Wearing fangs is considered by many vampires as part of the vampire subculture, so it is a good way to demonstrate your sympathy for vampires.

6. Vampires tend to have a very acute sense of smell and taste. Go easy on your favourite fragrance.

Patchouli is for some reason considered vampire safe. Especially if your vampire has spent time with many goths or is a goth themselves. Beware that bringing up your personal taste in conversation with your vampire can make for some not-so-subtle but delicious innuendo. Come prepared.

7. Be mindful and don’t eat garlic before going out; it may be an anticoagulant, but it also causes bad breath and makes your blood taste bad.

8. Don’t touch without permission.

Among vampires, touching someone without being explicitly allowed to, or touching something (or someone) belonging to another without their given permission can be considered a serious breach of etiquette. It is always OK to ask. The same respect is also afforded to you when you find yourself in the company of vampires. You might want to take the initiative, however, and let your vampire know they are allowed to touch you if they want.

9. Vampires hate small talk.

Absolutely open up about your fears, insecurities and past trauma, and see your vampire’s eyes light up with fascination – and genuine acceptance.. I think. You got this!

10. Try to be understanding of your vampire’s many freaky interests.

Be ready to visit churches, museums and graveyards (especially graveyards) and listen to them musing about stuff you have never heard of, and no normal person would have an interest in. But perhaps you are not so normal yourself – or else you wouldn’t even be reading this.

11. Mind the sun.

If you have to drag your vampire along somewhere during sunny daylight hours, the least you ought to do is bring a large parasol, and high SPF sunscreen for your nocturnal companion.
If they put up with the sun for you, they must really be into you – or really want to eat you.

12. Refrain from excessive vampire jokes, puns or witticisms, unless your vampire has a sense of humour, is in a good mood that jokes would not ruin – or if you wish to tease them.

13. Do not compare your vampire to your favourite vampires on-screen – even if they totally are just like Eric Northman from True Blood or Selene from Underworld.

They don’t like it for some reason. Don’t even mention Twilight this way, or you will probably make your vampire mad – unless you are into that.

14. Clearly communicate your interest.

If you want your vampire to drink your blood, there is little point to dance around the subject. You would be surprised, but many vampires can be quite shy in this regard. It’s a very vulnerable position to ask someone if they would be okay with donating blood. They will appreciate you making the first move.

15. Do your research.

While it’s perfectly okay to not know everything about vampires, your vampire will respect you when you know what you are getting into. Do not solely rely on your vampire for knowledge and educate yourself using books and online resources. Reading is very attractive to vampires.

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Written for Black Rose Society by Simon and Mikhail.