Black Rose Society is pleased to introduce Haus Meraki, a most promising Vampyric Household rooted in the traditions of the German Vampyre Subculture set to enrich our communities embracing creativity and inclusivity as their guiding ideas. For the occasion, we spoke with Lilli, founder and head of Haus Meraki.

You can visit and get to know Haus Meraki through their Discord server:

Haus Meraki Sigil
Sigil of Haus Meraki
What is the history behind your name?

„Meraki“ is Greek and while it is probably one of those words whose meaning can never truly be explained
using words of another language, my modest attempt at translating it would be: to pour one’s heart and
soul into your work, to the point that you embed part of your soul into it. That’s what I was aiming for
when founding Haus Meraki, hoping that others will feel the same. A popular German figure of speech
often used to explain the Meraki concept is to say „to pour one’s heart’s blood into something“, so the
added blood imagery was a nifty little bonus for a vampyric house.
I also consciously chose to name Haus Meraki Haus, not House Meraki – both to emphasize the intended
focus on the German vampyre culture and community, and to avoid the association with the stately homes
of the past, built by the ultra-privileged solely to be accessed by the ultra-privileged.

Would you explain your sigil‘s meaning to us?

The symbolism of Haus Meraki’s sigil is closely tied to the life-force (represented by the Ankh) and
creation (the flame), which humankind – or in this case, perhaps more fittingly, vampyre-kind – learns to
shape by acquiring wisdom (the serpent).

What can you tell us about your group‘s foundation?

Haus Meraki is currently still in the process of being founded.

What are some of your guiding principles and aims?

To learn how to use art as a tool for improving both your own existence and the existence of the ones
around you (and yes, „it’s fun“ counts as „improving your existence“)

Are there topics or areas of vampyrism your group specifically focuses on?

The aim is to come to terms with the existential terror of the thirst and with your vampyric identity, to
learn how to transform these parts of yourself from an obstacle to an opportunity to grow as a person, to
connect people who share this goal, to put it shortly: to wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate life as a

Is there a specific code of ethics your group ascribes to? For example Black Veil, Totum Lex Vampyrica,
The Vampire Ethos, Orthodox Vampyrism etc.

While I hold a personal fondness for the Black Veil, since it happens to be the code of ethics I grew up
with, participants of Haus Meraki are free to choose a code of their liking – or none – as long as they do
not use it as an excuse to harm others.

Is your group rooted in a specific tradition, spiritual, religious, secular or otherwise?


How is your group organized? Is there a form of hierarchy and how is it arranged?

There is a difference between full members of Haus Meraki and those only being part of the Discord
server in the sense that some projects might be discussed between members exclusively before making
the process more public. Other than that, I do not plan to create a hierarchy to adhere to.
Is your group centred regionally? Is your membership from the same region? Do you also accept
members from different regions?
Haus Meraki’s membership is not restricted by the origin of the members. Non-virtual activities will likely
be centred in North Rhine Westphalia until we have a more diverse membership, though.

Are there regular meetings? Does membership in your group require attendance?

Not yet, due to the pandemic. Attendance of non-virtual activities will not be required, since one of my
goals is to make participation in Haus Meraki’s activities as inclusive and low-threshold as possible.
How formal is the group? Is specific etiquette expected from your members or are you more easygoing?
While a decent set of manners will always be appreciated, if wearing your unicorn pyjama is what gives
you your best painting ideas, we will gladly welcome you and your unicorn pyjama.

What is the most common age range in your group? Are there age requirements or limits?

In principle, Haus Meraki does not have an age requirement or limit. There is an option of creating 18+
events and virtual spaces to avoid the legal calamities of getting minors in contact with practices that will
be considered questionable by the general public, though.

Are you actively looking for new members? What is expected of your membership? And what can
members in turn expect from the group? How might one join your ranks?

Yes, we are currently looking for new members. Please give a short introduction when joining the discord
server, other than that, you are free to contribute as much or as little as you want and are able to, as long
as you don’t use the server as a medium to start petty drama. Hopefully, you will find like-minded people
to connect with, to lift each other up, to share one’s goals with and to work with to make them come true.