Black Rose Society is pleased to introduce House Rune. For the occasion, we spoke with Salem Rune, founder and head of House Rune.

You can visit and get to know House Rune through their Outer Court Discord server:

House Rune Sigil
Sigil of House Rune
“What is the history behind your name?” 

House Rune is of a hidden nature, as the name Rune suggests. We have an intense understanding that these things must remain in secret relative to the eyes of the public. Many of us are practitioners of the taboo, and House Rune seeks to provide a safe haven for such studies.

“Would you explain your House’s sigil to us?” 

The sigil of House Rune is the visage of a fruit bat hanging upside down. The ruby of thirst placed expertly within its eyes. The circle is the representation of family nature and our bonds with one another. The fruit bat is our symbol as we believe it represents the peaceful and strong nature of our House, including our disposition of being non-threatening yet the strongest of our kind. The wings open to show our openness in hospitality, yet still retracted and held within our House circle. Our claws are barred as well as our fangs, our eyes piercing to see through others, always analytical, always cautious and ready to strike, yet always welcoming and true.

“What can you tell us about your group’s foundation?” 

There are many vampiric houses across the world, and even within the United States, however there are few that share the same views and culture of House Rune. Our House is a very introverted house, welcoming all those into our House as guests, who are true to themselves and to us, so long as we can communicate effectively.

We have been a house, a family for awhile now, however, actual vampiric houses don’t have enough values or operational modicum that fit our views, aspirations, and lifestyle. In these unprecedented times where the ideas of home and family are either so destructive or skewed, a unique decline in family truth and familial trusting relationalities, in our eyes, there is a need for somewhere solid to be an example to the world of how a true family and home should operate.

“What are some of your guiding principles and aims?”

The guiding principle of House Rune is that we love one another as true family does, unconditionally and without discriminations.

“Are there areas or topics of vampirism which your group specifically focuses on?”

House Rune focuses on understanding and acceptance of the truth of vampirism within our true world. The topic of psychic vampirism is heavily discussed, as we tend to take a more orthodox approach to vampirism and its suggestive topics.

“Is your group rooted in specific tradition?”

House Rune is not for spirituality alone, or religious practice, though many of us work within the topics of occultism as a means to better our lives and the lives around us through peaceable and spiritual means. 

“How is your group organized?” 

House Rune is organized by a Family of myself (Salem Rune, the fatherly figure)  and my willing donor and spouse (Ashtree, the motherly figure).

“Is your group centered regionally?”

No. House Rune is a primarily introverted house, we accept members from all over the globe. It does not matter where a member is from, it matters the content of their character.

“Are there regular meetings?” 

House Rune would primarily be focused on Discord for right now. We do not have any scheduled meetings because we are a family, not a business. If someone wishes to become a member, or if a meeting is needed it will be scheduled accordingly.

“How formal is the group?” 

House Rune exists as an informal family. As a family, we will be good hosts so long as you are a good guest.

“What is the most common age range in your group and are there age requirements?” 

Many of the topics discussed in House Rune are of a mature nature, and therefore maturity of family members is expected. (Take that as you will.)

“Are you actively looking for new members?” 

House Rune is indeed accepting new members at this time. Until accepted as a member of the family, guests are expected to act in a polite, peaceful, and honest way, as one would expect from a guest within a family home. Once accepted as a member of the family, members are expected to be good hosts, loving, peaceful, and truthful to their family, and exemplify what it means to be in a family which you have chosen. Mistakes are to at times be expected, and will be dealt with as a loving family would deal with mistakes: lovingly, patiently, and with understanding. Members are expected to understand that they are flawed, and in their maturity be willing to accept that they have made a mistake if such a situation should arise, and work together as a family to correct what has happened.

“How would members join?” 

To be a guest you simply walk through the door, to be a member of the family you allow yourself to love us and be loved by us, as well as an exchange of the building of trust.

Everyone who enters this server and communicates with us either regularly or sporadically is considered a guest, and once a relationship has been developed with an individual and they have proven to be respectful, kind, truthful (to themselves and others), then if they desire family membership , one only need discuss adoptive desire within House Rune, and have a member of the family vouch for prospective members, individuals will be accepted into House Rune, and be welcomed home at last with open arms.

Guests to our house can become family friends, if they do not wish to join as full family members, they can have access to all but the most intimate of server family spaces.